The Daily Record – April 12th, 2020

There’s often a misconception that there are good frequencies and bad frequencies. As if you always should do a specific EQ move in every mix to make it “pro.”

How to EQ for Fullness Without Adding Mud?

Musician and motivational speaker Joey Stuckey is proof that following the four pillars of success can help you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.

Overcoming obstacles with creativity, drive, and talent

Waveform Free is a freeware digital audio workstation based on the essential features found in Waveform Pro 11. It is the successor to T7 DAW, the previous free digital audio workstation on offer by Tracktion Corporation.

Waveform Free Released (Digital Audio Workstation)

Cockos are giving away a license for their full music production software suite REAPER for a limited, isolation run to keep quarantiners creating.

Get REAPER DAW free until July

Don’t let services dictate your loudness and set it yourself with this free app made for getting your levels perfect for streaming and TV.

Get your levels just right for streaming services with this free plugin & app

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