The Daily Record – April 13th, 2020

Mixing is about listening. To get a truly great mix you have to hear every single detail of the tracks you’re working on.

Hard Truths – You’re Listening to Your Mix Wrong

EQ is all about creating space in the frequency spectrum for all of your instruments, but sometimes your approach may be too drastic. If things start sounding too thin, maybe the reason is simply that you’re cutting too much?

How To EQ Your Mix For Separation, In Two Easy Steps

One of the biggest events in the past 50 years is unfolding right now: COVID-19 is putting millions of lives at risk, shutting down the global economy, and bringing the live event industry to a grinding halt.

DJs Unemployed By Coronavirus, Now What?

Sure, working with professional mastering engineers is always going to get you better and more customized results, but sometimes musicians just don’t have the budget, or they just want to release a short collection of tracks digitally, or the tracks are meant to be lo-fi for effect.

LANDR vs. eMastered: Which Automated Mastering Service Is Best for You?

A few months ago, independent alternative pop artist HANA came out of her shell with a revolutionary experiment: an album fully written, recorded and produced by her, live on Twitch, within four weeks.

How Hana’s Experiment Proves That Twitch Isn’t Just For Gamers

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