The Daily Record – April 16th, 2020

Want to hook your listeners with new and exciting sounds? Today you’re going to learn the nine fundamentals of sound design.

The 9 Fundamentals Of Sound Design

Drum samples can be a life-saver when your live drum recordings fall flat. They can be used to correct technical problems, modify the tone, or alter the dynamics of a live drum recording.

Tips For Blending Live and Sampled Drums

Regardless of the genre of music, a mix will never be any good unless the song’s groove is emphasized.

2 Exercises To Find The Groove Of A Mix

One of the most common questions I get is “how do I record my vocals at home?” This is so relevant now as recording gear becomes more and more inexpensive, more artists are dabbling with home recording.

The Evolution Of A Home Studio Vocal Chain

Music producers require a lot of knowledge in many different areas. Take your skills to the next level with some of the best books on music production.

The 8 Best Books for Music Producers

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