The Daily Record – April 17th, 2020

While not having enough time can be tough, having ‘too much’ of it can also present its own set of challenges in regards to creativity.

Time management strategies for staying creative and productive

Could short videos on music and audio production be killing your gains in studio skills?

Are Short YouTube Videos Helping or Holding Back Your Audio Skills?

I mean that the producers behind the songs went out into the world and found unique, interesting, and creative pieces of audio that they made their own.

How to Sample Any Sound: The End All Guide

Well then you know mixing can be a beast. Mixing one song is hard enough, but mixing multiple songs…now that can be a time suck.

Get Multiple Mixes Done Faster

Don’t know where to start mastering your own tracks? Learning the techniques to master your music is a challenge by itself, let alone understanding the role of your hardware, acoustics and psychoacoustics.

Master your tracks in 1 hour with 5 free Home Studio Mastering plugins

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