The Daily Record – April 20th, 2020

De-essing is easily one of the most overlooked tools at your disposal that can make or break a mix. Historically known as a technique to treat vocals, we’re going to go way past that.

A Producer’s Guide to De-Essing: It’s Not Just for Vocals Anymore

When you’re working with audio clips, you may often find that certain elements don’t quite glue together.

Tighten up your grooves in Logic Pro X with Flex Time

There are plenty of good reasons to fill your mic locker with mics that cost less than $500

The 9 Best Studio Microphones Under $500 [2020]

There is a lot of confusing information out there when it comes to how you should go about cleaning up a muddy mix.

Cleaning Up a Muddy Mix

Audio editing is one of the most basic processes in music production. It’s the key DAW operations you perform on your audio files before they’re ready for mixing.

Audio Editing – 10 Helpful Tips for Better Results

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