The Daily Record – April 22nd, 2020

Has it really been four years since we lost Prince? It’s still sometimes difficult to believe that he’s no longer with us, but fortunately, we have his classic studio recordings and live performances to remember him by.

7 times that Prince blew our minds: classic recordings and performances

Sometimes, his beats barely even sound like beats – the rhythms can be hard to track down, the downbeat seemingly never comes, and the vocals are incomprehensible.

Adé Hakim on collaboration and finding originality through sampling

Coronavirus is no joke. Even if you’re not ill from it, you’re still experiencing a disruption in your lifestyle because of it. But like many other things that we’ve seen in the past turned into music, so can the spike protein of coronavirus.

This Is What Coronavirus Sounds Like

Punch is a crucial element of any mix or master. But it can be tricky to know if your track has the right amount of punch—or what to do if it doesn’t. In this blog, we’ll teach you how to dial in the perfect amount of punch for any track. But first, let’s break down the basics.

How To Get The Right Amount Of Punch In Your Master

Ever listened to a song and thought: How did they do that!? Every producer’s dream is to make the quality of music that their idols do.

How To Analyze Music Using The 5-Point Technique

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