The Daily Record – April 23rd, 2020

Artist Fundraising Pick is a new artist profile feature that lets fans support fundraisers.

Spotify now lets you tip artists

There’s a huge sense of urgency to make some kind of artistic tribute to these glaciers, now before they totally recede away

Making music from the sounds of Iceland’s glaciers

GarageBand for Mac comes loaded with more sounds, effects and other audio options than you can shake a stick at, but chances are you’ll want to broaden your sonic horizons at some point.

How To Install Plugins In Garageband

Here’s the deal. I promise I will do my best to help you if you have a specific question

15 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Music Industry Professional

Love it or loathe it, Autotune (or pitch correction) is a staple of modern music production.

How To Use Autotune In Garageband IOS

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