The Daily Record – April 24th, 2020

Every aspiring engineer or producer will one day take the leap from pure headphone mixing and music creation to using studio reference monitors.

A Guide to Buying Your First Pair of Studio Monitors

OK, it’s rant mode time! Justin Colletti shares some of his experiences working with mastering engineers early in his career to help illustrate what can go wrong, and what to look out for in your own projects.

Mastering Gone Bad! (Why I Don’t Trust Cheap Mastering Engineers)

Ever wish that you could just magically generate new ideas for your songs in seconds? Today we’re going to show you how MIDI FX can help you get quick inspiration for your songs, and create super unique sounds.

Quick Song Inspiration With MIDI FX (Crush Writers Block)

Well, here we are with some time on our hands. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the “V” word that starts with a “C.” Nope, we’re just going to focus on some positives today.

Spring Cleaning For Musicians – 2020 Edition

Soundation is an online recording studio that lets musicians produce, remix and record songs directly in their web browser as well as offering a library of loops, effects and other sounds to use in their recordings

Online recording studio Soundation adds ‘Collab Live’ feature

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