The Daily Record – April 25th, 2020

It takes a lot of knowledge and knowhow to get better at music production, studying a few music production books can help.

The 11 Best Music Production Books You Need to Read in 2020

Ampify now brings you its latest music-making software, Ampify Studio, available for free on MacOS and Windows.

Ampify Studio free music-making software for Windows and Mac now available

Isolation has been an unwavering torment of dreary reruns on TV, old forgotten films, and rationing toilet paper.

Carry on being Creative in Isolation: Addressing your Choices

We look at how you can make a piece of audio your own by rearranging it and performing it differently.

Learn how EXS24 can be used to make your own beats in Logic Pro X

In this video, Mo is going to show you should AND shouldn’t introduce stereo enhancement whilst mastering. He’ll show you how to keep an eye on the phase of your track making sure you stay mono-compatible.

How To Dial In Perfect Stereo Width When Mastering

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