The Daily Record – April 27th, 2020

Just about everyone who produces music has had the experience of wasting time in the studio — whether it was 30 minutes spent tweaking plugins or an afternoon spent trying to perfect a part that ended up getting cut.

9 Time-Sucking Pitfalls To Avoid (Don’t Go Down The Rabbit Hole!)

Spitfire Audio, a British company making stellar virtual production gear since 2007 or so, has now logged over 3 million downloads of its free instrument library, LABS.

Logic Pros: Exploring the FREE Spitfire Audio LABS instrument collection

As a metrosexual European obsessed with men’s fashion, I’m smack dab in the middle of the demographic for Queer Eye.

What Queer Eye Can Teach You About Music Production

To encourage music makers to stay creative during these unprecedented times, Steinberg has designed the #StayHome Elements Collection so music makers can create in the comfort of their own home.

Steinberg Offers Free Software for Making Music at Home

When you think of a mastering engineer, you think of someone tucked away in a studio filled with hardware and expensive equipment. To many, mastering can seem like a dark art.

How To Master Your Own Music

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