The Daily Record – April 28th, 2020

I’ve been really interested in ambient music lately. Being at home for the last month I’ve gravitated a lot towards calming music to accompany me during my time alone.

Sample and Hold – Making Ambient Music With Tape Loops

There’s nothing better than finding the perfect sample for your track. But scrolling aimlessly through random sample packs using text-based search is boring and barely ever works.

How to Use Selector to Find the Right Sample Faster

Ian Stich of StichMethod Guitar breaks down how to break through teaching music online

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching YouTube Music Lessons

Make beats using free-to-use samples from the library’s huge royalty-free audio archive.

U.S. Library of Congress builds royalty-free hip-hop sampling site

Panning is a topic that seems to be never discussed. I guess it’s not as flashy as incredible delays, or advanced compression techniques. However, there’s a hierarchy in terms of what influences a mix. The top of this hierarchy is the basic balance.

The Basics of Panning in a Mix

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