The Daily Record – April 30th, 2020

The folks at Lunatic Audio – you don’t have to be mad to work there, but it helps – have chosen a rather offbeat plugin to open their account with: Retro Pong.

Retro Pong is a free plugin that lets you play the classic ‘70s video game in your DAW

What does it mean for audio to be “unusable?” The answer to that question will vary depending on the context — studio recordings, audio from a film shoot, on-the-fly field recordings?

6 Plugins for Saving Unusable Audio

GarageBand for iOS gives you all manner of touch instruments to play, record and add to your projects. Actually recording these touch instruments perfectly in time EVERY time can sometimes be a challenge.

How To Quantize In Garageband For IOS

In the studio, the 3 P’s are what a producer lives by. You’ve got to have all three to have a dynamite vocal.

The 3 P’s – The Keys To An Outstanding Vocal Recording

Balancing family life with music can be difficult to say the least.

How to balance music production with family life and parenting

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