The Daily Record – April 5th, 2020

9 prominent musicians and producers reveal how enforced isolation and quarantine is affecting them and how they are making music in the time of the Coronavirus.

Lockdown & Quarantine Vs Creativity & Music: 9 Producers Speak Out

GarageBand on iOS and iPad OS is renowned for it’s intuitive and easy to use instruments, controls and options. Apple haven’t made everything simple to find however, hiding away some of GarageBand’s most useful features.

5 Hidden Garageband Tips And Tricks

It is one of the most common platitudes that you get to hear in a recording studio, “we’ll fix it in the mix“. But is it really a good idea to record your tracks and then to worry about fixing them, adding EQ, compression, noise reduction etc. later on? Of course not!

Can You Really Fix It In The Mix?

Many of the biggest names in music production software have released feature-rich DAWs for iOS. These work as standalone digital audio workstations that don’t require laptops or external hardware.

6 Great Multitrack DAWs for iPad and iPhone

Apple Logic Pro, Reaper, and other free and inexpensive tools mean there’s no reason to stare at the walls in self=isolation. Even if your budget is hurting, you can make some music. Here’s an overview.

Arturia, Logic, Final Cut, Reaper, and more offer these free tools while you stay at home

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