The Daily Record – April 8th, 2020

If I could only have one effect or plugin, it would be a good saturator. You can use saturation to do just about everything from compressing to distorting, to just adding color or harmonics to enhance the overall tone.

6 audio effects you’re not using enough

We’ve all heard of the more commonly used audio effects, compression, chorus, reverb, delay… You get the idea, but what about the ones you repeatedly skip over when scrolling through your list of plugins.

5 more audio effects you’re probably not using enough

Most producers get pretty excited about their tools. The hottest new plugins trigger pages of forum hype from obsessive musicians chasing a better mix. But we rarely talk about the tradeoffs and drawbacks that come with the processes we use in every session.

Hard Truths: Every Plugin Has a Downside

Whether you’re recording a quick demo of an original song or an intimate ballad with a singer-songwriter in the studio, knowing how to record vocals and acoustic guitar at the same time is a crucial skill for any engineer.

Tips for Recording Vocals and Acoustic Guitar at the Same Time

With the hyper awareness we are experiencing on hygiene these days, it amazes me how many studios (both home AND professional) don’t take the basic steps needed to ensure the health and safety of musicians.

Hygiene 101: Keeping Your Music Studio & Equipment Clean

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