The Daily Record – May 10th, 2020

What are the five critical elements your techno track needs to rise to the next level? There are five, ranging from deep bass all the way to intricate effects. I mean, what’s a techno track without that heavy, rumbling kick and bassline with crispy hi-hats in between?

5 Critical Elements Your Techno Track Needs

Lots of producers dream about adding epic orchestral arrangements to their music. Hearing a song come to life with a vibrant string arrangement can be a revelation, but getting there can involve a steep learning curve for those who are unfamiliar with “classical” instruments.

6 Tips for Adding String Arrangements to Your Music

If you want to add a bunch of delay to your vocal but don’t want it to clutter up the source vocal track, this week’s mix video is for you.

An Advanced Vocal Delay Trick You Should Know

During the course of some audio projects, communications reduce to a blur of time codes, misconstrued musical descriptors and badly named files. This clumsy workflow is what Pibox – an audio-centric collaboration platform – aims to solve.

An audio-centric dropbox with tools for live feedback and collaboration.

So you want to submit your demos to your favourite labels. But maybe you’ve send a few emails or DMs and have had no luck. You’re left sad because you’re not getting responses.

Demo Submission – How To (Properly) Send Music to Labels

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