The Daily Record – May 11th, 2020

The rise of mechanical robot orchestras is just beginning. Think of this as a fusion between MIDI controlled robot operators, real acoustic instruments, and a laptop running Ableton Live.

This 50-Piece Orchestra Is Made Up Entirely Of Robots

In today’s modern production landscape, a musician doesn’t necessarily need an orchestra to write orchestral music; all they need are some good string plugins, right? Well, sort of.

Why You Should Make Your Acoustic MIDI Instruments Sound… Less Real

Even if you’re not an experienced keyboardist, Joe Albano has some pro tips to help you add keys to your guitar-heavy tracks for a different flavour.

7 Quick Tips For Using Keyboards In Guitar-Centric Arrangements

As many of us are confined to our homes and searching for feel-good music, what better time than now to explore house music? And this is not just because you’re supposed to stay in your house right now!

How to Make Electronic House Music at Home

A very common question: which is the best MIDI keyboard controller? Choosing the right MIDI Keyboard will depend very much on your own circumstances.

Choosing The Best MIDI Keyboard Controller For Your Studio

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