The Daily Record – May 15th, 2020

Here’s a breakdown of the best music production courses you can access to brush up your music production and instrument playing skills during the lockdown.

Music Production Courses – Improve Your Music Skills For FREE!

Mixing in mono is a trick professionals use to ensure the songs they pump out sound amazing, no matter the speakers or where the listeners is positioned in front of those speakers.

Mixing in Mono: Produce Better Music With This Pro Method

AskAnEngineer is an ongoing YouTube series where LANDR’s Senior Audio Engineer, Al Isler, answers questions from people like you!

Here’s Every #AskAnEngineer Video To Date

Behringer has announced via its Facebook page that Music Tribe has begun the development process for a new, free DAW.

Behringer has begun developing a free DAW

Have you ever watched a sound engineer behind the board? Flailing arms like an orchestral conductor and eyes like a mad scientist. Honestly, it is an awesome sight to see.

Smarter, Not Harder – An Introduction to Automation

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