The Daily Record – May 16th, 2020

When I was newer to producing, I had difficulty understanding the purpose of purchasing additional reverbs. My DAW already has reverbs – why would I buy more?

The 15 Best Reverb Plugins in 2020

Purchasing a set of studio monitors for your home recording setup? That’s a huge step toward making better mixes.

Best Studio Monitors For The Home Studio (2020)

A recent acquisition of Superpowered could mean new technology hitting the platform in the near future.

Is Splice planning to make an online DAW?

We’ll demonstrate a handy and surprisingly fun technique in which we load entire tracks into a sampler and turn them into wild, almost random ‘instruments’ which we can then play and program to create new track ideas.

Turn unused track ideas into inspiring new instruments

Now feels like an opportune time to learn more about any area of music and the greater industry – and what platform better to do so than podcasts?

10 music-related podcasts we’re listening to

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