The Daily Record – May 17th, 2020

Orchestral VSTs have never been more accessible to producers. Soaring strings, fluttering woodwinds, and deep brass will bring an epic and emotional quality to your tracks and enhance their dramatic energy.

The 6 Best Free Orchestral VSTs for Epic Cinematic Sound

Unless you have brand new Mac hardware, it’s likely you want to run macOS Mojave for now for greater compatibility. Here’s how to do it

How to update your Mac to Mojave – not Catalina – for the new Logic and more

Using a control surface with Logic Pro X is a great way to supercharge your workflow and creativity. These are a great way to interact and control functions of your DAW in a way that feels much more like using analog gear and electronic instruments.

The 7 Best Control Surfaces for Logic Pro X

“You suggest getting 50% upfront before mixing, how have you determined the final price? Is it a quote on an estimate of the amount of time you think it might take to complete?”

How Much Should You Charge To Mix A Song?

This week’s Eurovision-inspired AI Song Contest brought AI generative music into the limelight. Australian entrant Uncanny Valley won the public’s heart with Beautiful The World.

How AI ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ winners Uncanny Valley found the human-machine sweet spot

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