The Daily Record – May 18th, 2020

With the shutdown of schools, colleges, and universities, educators are turning to existing and innovative new technologies that keep students learning and mentally healthy – this is how you can do it too.

How music education is using tech to thrive during coronavirus lockdown

Getting into a fully furnished recording studio and funding an album release can be an incredibly expensive proposition for some musicians, but thanks to the recording studios we carry around in our pockets, there’s a much more affordable way to create and share music.

Low-Budget Musician: Using Your Phone To Create, Share Music

Getting into the studio to record your music is one of the most exciting parts of being a musician. However a combination of time pressure, high stakes and plenty of room for error can make preparing to record stressful for even the most experienced artists.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Band for the Recording Studio

Regardless, if you’re hoping to work in audio for film, television, and other media, it’s important to know the tools that are commonly used by professionals.

Plugins for Audio Post-Production: What the Pros Are Using

Whether you’re living in a city apartment, a townhouse or even a village cottage, external noise can slip in under your door, seep in through your windows or seemingly fall from your ceiling

How To Soundproof A Rented Apartment

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