The Daily Record – May 20th, 2020

The mobile app offers 3GB file transfers, instant messaging and an in-app music player

SendMusic is a free one-stop platform for music project file transfers

MIDI has finally gotten an update, and for those of us who worked on this long-awaited version, we strove to fix some of the less perfect aspects of the protocol, add cool new things without breaking anything, and make it even more MIDI.

What MIDI 2.0 Means for Musicians

French manufacturer Arturia launches a new software instrument based on the legendary Oberheim OB-Xa. The recreation comes with some extra features to get a little more experimental with its sounds.

Arturia releases OB-Xa V – an OB-Xa with a modern twist

While stem mastering offers more control over traditional two-track mastering, it can still be tricky to dial in the right amount of detail when working with different instrument groups.

How to Improve Clarity When Stem Mastering

As more producers and engineers work from home, bedroom studio setups are becoming more and more sophisticated.

4 common bedroom studio setup mistakes that should be avoided

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