The Daily Record – May 21st, 2020

Ableton Live is on of the most popular DAW on the planet and has workflows match the needs of many modern producer. However, there are user issues that crop up.

4 Production Mistakes Ableton Live Users Can Avoid

The voice is just as much of an instrument as any other in the band. That means that it must be looked after the same way even during a session to ensure that the singer provides his or her best vocal performance.

The Producer’s Guide To A Great Vocal Performance (While Keeping The Singer Healthy)

The studio monitor is the single-most important investment you can make for your recording studio and you should therefore spend the biggest portion of your studio budget on a set.

5 reasons to spend more money on your studio monitors

This article will cover how to setup a project template to streamline the recording process.

How to Create Project Templates in Your DAW

Modular synth is taking over the world. This once uncommon synthesis type has become the main arena for sonic experimentation in electronic music—and beyond.

Modular Synth – The Beginner’s Guide to Eurorack

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