The Daily Record – May 24th, 2020

So in this article, I explore field recording which as the name implies, are recordings made in the field, in the world, and not in the controlled environment of the studio.

A Guide to Field Recording – Location, Hardware, Software & More

If you want professional-sounding mixes, you should know how to mix in mono. It simplifies your whole process, helping you get flawless volume balance.

Mixing In Mono – Save Your Mix With This Simple Trick

From heavy metal to pop, the guitar is an instrument that’s commonly used across a wide array of genres.

How to create guitar patterns (free MIDI files included)

Recording acoustic guitar requires a totally different method than recording the electric guitar. That’s why this following article has a combination of different tips and techniques to try out when you’re going for that shimmering sound of a warm acoustic.

How to Get a Kick-Ass Acoustic Guitar Recording

Recording an acoustic guitar is not that easy and a bad acoustic guitar could bring down the quality of the entire mix disappointing you.

4 Rules of Acoustic Guitar Recording

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