The Daily Record – May 26th, 2020

When used correctly, mid/side processing has the power to make your tracks sound wider, deeper, and more focused.

Everything You Need to Know About Mid/Side Processing

What’s holding you back from the finisher’s mindset? Nothing defines a producer more than their ability to consistently finish music. Possessing a ‘Finisher’s Mindset’ is a highly desirable trait in any creative industry.

4 Things Holding You Back From The Finisher’s Mindset

Hit tracks from professional producers almost always have one thing in common—they’re loud.

How to Make Music Louder With Mastering

Rather than finding ways to replace guitars with synths, producers are seeking out solutions to get synth and guitar tracks to play nice with each other.

4 Tips for Mixing Guitars in Electronic Music

Who doesn’t love new plug-ins? We do. But when you’re running a Mac, there’s one wrinkle: you have to restart your machine before they’ll appear in your DAW. And, frankly, who’s got time for that?

PlugInstall lets you load new Logic Audio Unit plug-ins without restarting

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