The Daily Record – May 28th, 2020

A vocal chain is a string of processing modules that combine to make the raw audio from a microphone sound ‘better,’ perhaps more like the final audio you hear in a mixed piece of music.

How to create a vocal chain from start to finish

It’s strange to think that Apple hasn’t created their own inbuilt desktop audio recording software for Mac yet eh? Well, if you’re looking to start sampling sounds straight from your Mac desktop or stream audio straight from your DAW with ease, we can show you how.

How to Record Your Desktop Audio (Mac)

We’re gradually all getting back to work, and while it’s great to be busy again, it also means that increased precautions against virus infection are necessary.

A Guide To Disinfecting Your Microphones

I’m going to answer this question in the first sentence – YES. In fact, you can do many things by finding free tutorials and guides online – building houses, making cakes and learning chess.

Can I Learn Music Production from YouTube and Google Only?

If you love the sound of your own voice, you’re a very lucky person; you’ve been blessed with either an extraordinary voice or extraordinary self-confidence.

Why you don’t like the sound of your own voice

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