The Daily Record – May 29th, 2020

In collecting the absolute best music production schools in the online and physical world today, I figured we should start with what this guide is NOT. For starters, this guide is NOT about quantity.

The 25 Best Music Production Schools in the World Today

Compression is a topic we’ve covered largely already, everything from types to how to use it within your mixes while recording with JZ Mics or any source for that matter… but we haven’t talked about Bus Compression all that much!

321 Bus Compression Technique

The open source Ardour digital audio workstation software for Linux, macOS or Windows has been updated to version 6.0.

Ardour professional digital workstation updated to v6.0

Years ago I didn’t really use any notable non-audio apps in my day-to-day workflow. However, as my business and workflow have increased to a more fast-paced nature, and now that nearly every aspect of life be it personal or business is online, it’s only natural that there are some excellent time-saving and workflow-improving apps and services out there.

8 Non-Audio Apps to Help Run Your Audio Business

Feature parity across Mac and iOS devices makes sense for developers, but at what cost for the people who rely on pro software to make music?

Apple Is Merging Mac And iOS Apps – But What Will This Mean For Musicians & Producers?

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