The Daily Record – May 2nd, 2020

In this video, multi-award winning Producer and Songwriter Simon Duggal demonstrates how he uses a compressor and what settings he starts with to get great results easily, quickly and consistently.

What Does A Compressor Do And How Do You Use One Like A Pro?

The album was recorded over two weeks from the homes of 39 artists during the coronavirus pandemic.

Artists remotely collaborate across the globe to create Alone Together album

Is there something known as being “too perfect”? I personally find that music that sounds flawless is a big turn off. I’m not interested in songs that sound fake.

Can a song be “too perfect?”

Explore the classic sounds of FM synthesis with this awesome free Yamaha DX7 emulation.

Learn FM synthesis basics with Dexed

In this video tutorial, we look at using noise gates within Logic Pro X to decide which noises can be heard, and which can’t.

Get to grips with noise gates in Logic Pro X

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