The Daily Record – May 31st, 2020

High-quality effects plugins don’t necessary need to come with a high price point.

The 12 best free VST / AU effects plugins of 2020

Mastering is a crucial part of music production. It’s your last chance to make sure the song sounds as good as it possibly can. Which means it’s really important you get it right.

Pro Mastering Chain – The Building Blocks Of Mastering

So how do you make your music sound good on SoundCloud? SoundCloud mastering is an important part of the equation.

SoundCloud Mastering – How to Make Music Sound Good on SoundCloud

Symplesound has released a free sound library, Honoring Florian, as a tribute to the late Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk.

Free Sound Library A Tribute To Florian Schneider Of Kraftwerk

Put your sound design skills to the test by restricting your sound palette to just one sample.

Make a track with just one sample

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