The Daily Record – May 3rd, 2020

Want to speed up your workflow in Logic Pro? Today you’re going to learn how to solve Logic Pro’s stupidest problem – searching plugins.

PluginSearch – Solving Logic Pro’s Stupidest Problem

The legendary producer-engineer on recording live with Dylan in the studio where Sinatra sang

Al Schmitt On Recording Standards With Bob Dylan

The process of learning and evolving never stops, no matter what level you are at. Check out this list of great music production courses and schools to take your skills to the next level.

10 Great Online Music Production Courses and Schools

With advancing technology and the development of new digital musical techniques, it has become even easier for an artist to “sample” and integrate another’s finished recording or sound bite into a new, altered and derivate work created by a new artist.

Music Sampling – Breaking Down The Basics

Gated reverb busted on the scenes in 1979 and within a couple years had become the sound that would characterize an entire decade of pop music.

Gated Reverb – How to Get the Big Drums of 80’s Pop Music

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