The Daily Record – May 5th, 2020

From parametric equalizers to multiband compressors, mixing engineers use more tools per project than most carpenters.

When To Use Different Mixing Tools

But despite all the fancy technology, a well-produced track still sounds like a unified musical event. It’s a compelling illusion.

Hard Truths – Everyone Edits Their Takes

Understanding the EQ can often feel overwhelming, but learning how to EQ properly is still one of the most important skills you can learn and you can’t overlook it.

The 3 Simple Principles for Great EQ’ing

Preparing your tracks for Mixing is not only the Most Important Part of the Mixing Process it is part of the actual Mixing!

The Most Important Part of Mixing

Pressed for space? Reverb is an essential mixing tool that can help you add it to your tracks. Here, we round up the most impressive plug-ins that can give your mixes room to manoeuvre or send them to outer space.

6 of the best software reverbs

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