The Daily Record – May 6th, 2020

The difference between mixing on headphones vs. speakers is a frequent point of discussion among bedroom producers.

Should I mix on headphones or speakers?

Synth ace Lisa Bella Donna opens up about gear, her creative process and what the future holds for electronic music

Interview – Synth Sorceress Lisa Bella Donna

For a band, working from home isn’t as simple… Especially when you’re a nine-piece pro party band!

How a Professional 9-Member Band Makes Music During Lockdown

20 days with the goal to write, mix, master and release a debut album might sound tricky, but for the creative Third Son in this studio it’s a challenge he’s rising to.

Third Son Writing, Mixing, Mastering & Releasing Debut Album in 20 Days!

As electronic music producers, it’s easy to get stuck in the box. We have a tendency to just square everything up. To make sure it’s correct, perfect and aligned to the grid.

6 Ways to Humanize Your Music in Ableton Live

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