The Daily Record – May 7th, 2020

Let me preface this article by saying I’m not opposed to the sound of clipping. In fact, I have a tutorial on how to clip a kick drum deliberately to make it hit harder.

How Clipping Became Today’s Sound

The founding member of the pioneering German electronic group was known for his unique take on the flute, among his other ventures in sound.

Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk has died, aged 73

I know you just read the title and thought, “I knew about white and pink noise, but what the heck is brown and blue noise?” Well, they’re a real thing and used more often than you think.

The Not-So-Subtle Differences Between White, Pink, Brown And Blue Noise

Able to transform even the most sterile DI’d bass into something that sounds like it’s been recorded through a monstrous rig, Logic Pro X has real low-end credentials.

Bass guitar processing in Logic

As part of Audio-Technica’s ongoing series of resources that help users adjust to the circumstances brought about by the health crisis, the company offers its video tutorial series Basic Recording Techniques on YouTube

Audio-Technica teaches users the fundamentals of professional recording

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