The Daily Record – May 8th, 2020

Louder is better. At least it sounds that way. There are good reasons to level match your music for truly objective critical listening decisions. And there are also good reasons not to bother it at all.

How Loudness Will Lie to You: The Pros & Cons of Level Matching Music

Spitfire Audio is offering the new BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover ($49 value) virtual instrument as a free download for everyone who fills out a questionnaire on the company’s website.

Get Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover For FREE

Slap delay is one of the oldest and most-loved FX tricks in mixing history, dating back to Elvis recordings in the ‘50s. Learn how to harness this technique to bring out vibe, energy and emotion in your mixes.

Tips for Mixing with Slap Delay

Wanna know what I’m using on my lead vocals when I mix? While I actually have used quite a few different plugins over the years, there are 3 that have become go-to plugins for 90% of my vocal mixes.

My Top 3 Plugins For Lead Vocals

Ask any music producer what they want to achieve with their music, and it will likely be something to do with ‘having their personal sound’ or ‘making music from the heart’.

Add Meaning to Your Music with The Producer Ritual

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